About me 

In bullets

– I grew up internationally, as a third culture kid. Primarily between Europe, South America and Africa. Im half Dutch half Ecuadorian.

– I didn’t know what impostor syndrome was until my late 20s. Then I realised I wasn’t alone or crazy for having these thoughts and learned to managed them

– I am passionate about all things personal development, exploring alternative ways of healing, coaching and spirituality

– I feel alive and happy on the dancefloor

– I love empowering people. I love to work with those who are ready to take ownership over their lives and start creating the change and businesses they want to see in the world.

My Story

How it Started


For a long time, I used conventional views of success as a measuring stick for my own success and happiness. I worked hard, making sure I ticked all the boxes. University degrees, international experiences, successful corporate jobs working at some of the largest multinational companies, a relationship and a beautiful apartment in Amsterdam.

My success told me that I must be happy. And I was most of the time, but I also felt there was more that I needed to achieve. There were more boxes I needed to tick: start a family, buy a house, get a promotion.

But corporate boxes are endless; there is always a next box you need to tick or a next hoop to jump through. It began to become overwhelming. And whenever people asked me what I liked to do in my free time, I had no clear answer. I began to realize that I had forgotten what truly brought me joy. Stuck in a toxic work environment and vicious cycle, I burned out.

I went through recovery and quit my corporate job. Over time I slowly rediscovered the things in life that made me happy. I began freelancing and taking control of my own time. My partner had just taken a job in Dakar, Senegal, so we started a 1.5 year long-distance relationship.

With the right support and help I started to become more conscious about what I really wanted and took steps to change my life.

Fast forward to today… 


I have completely turned my life around, launched my coaching business, work completely remote, moved to West Africa and wake up with my heart full when I get to help women create a career and business that doesn’t only looks good on paper but feels good  

This work is beautiful and ever evolving. The path to personal growth never stops and luckily one of my core values is learning, growing and curiosity but I stopped trying to prove my worth to everyone else but me. 

What I bring to our coaching relationship is an holistic approach to self development,  business and learning. Prior to coaching I designed, co-created and implemented large transformation programs at multinationals. I leverage my knowledge as a trainer, design thinker, coach and former consultant to develop and design your coaching trajectory.  



I am a trauma informed Certified Professional Coach (CPC) from iPEC, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) and COR.E Transition Dynamics Specialist.

What do all these acronyms mean you think?

It means I know what I am doing. I was trained at iPEC one of the highest level schools of my industry in coaching practices based on neuroscience, psychotherapy and leadership development.

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Now that I have created this new beginning for myself, my goal is to help you create yours, too! I’m here to show you that you don’t have to go on this journey alone. I’m right here with you and ready to help.

Does it sound familiar and are you craving a change? Then its probably time for us to set-up a chat and get to work. 



What would happen when you lead a life 

That feels good, look good and costs you less effort?

Having just started as an entrepreneur, I was looking for guidance with taking the first steps, attracting clients, and building my business. During my sessions with Nathalie, I was surprised by and so impressed with how what felt like a casual conversation turned into these big “aha!” moments that unlocked the lessons I (didn’t know I) needed. Nathalie’s coaching feels like speaking to a trusted friend, and she has ways of digging deeper that feel so natural. Her commitment to you is so clear, and she provides you with concrete tools to continue your work. I feel confident building on what I have learned from her and continuing to grow my business

Nicole Romer, Writer, Speaker, Editor

Coaching was a very positive and empowering experience, I gained insight into my own thinking and how I can enable myself to follow through with my plans, but it also has a sort of spiritual, mindful aspect to it where I could tune into my bodily experience and how I feel about my business physically. I find this aspect of the session a very positive experience, as it moves away from ‘only talking’ about what is going on and dives into a deeper level of my relationship with myself. I had a few aha moments during and after the session, which are really powerful to me. I felt supported and well-guided by Nathalie, and I feel that my confidence in myself and in my business has grown already. I feel confident, and less angry at myself for being anxious about this business adventure and that I actually made an appointment to register at the Chamber of Commerce

Hanna Szabo, Phd candidate and entrepreneur

Working with Nathalie gave me the insight that I know the answers, but am insecure to make the choice; like quitting my job. It gave me the insight that i was really relieved when I have made that choice for myself. I really enjoyed the coaching sessions with Nathalie. She is calm, patient and a good listener. Nathalie make sure we come to the point, without rushing. The visualization sessions with here are really meaningful and gave me good insights. It’s now on me to make the major change in my life and with the help of Nathalie I’m confident that I will make it.

Samantha Willemsen

Marketeer, Founder of Merkelijk