Join us on a journey inwards 


Empower yourself through a 4 months intimate group program into feminine leadership 

For who? 


For high-achieving women who are ready to lead bold, courageous and energised lives without overwhelm taking over.


You know there is so much more to life than career or business. 

You want to learn the practices and strategies that support your mental peace,

increase your daily energy levels and stimulate your creativity.

You can’t stop thinking how do I get off this hamster wheel without letting anyone down?


And actually do more of the things that actually make me happy?


Is there another way?


YES there is. 


I created it for you. 


and it comes together in 



Which one do you recognize?

I hide parts of myself when I show up in my life and business and I feel I cannot express myself authentically

I have recovered from a burnout or a high stressful period but find myself in the same pitfalls  (perfectionism, people pleasing, impostor syndrome, fear of speaking up)


I struggle to make the decisions and I want to learn how to integrate my intuition, logic and learn how to embody  


I have so many amazing ideas and creative projects but I lack the confidence and structure to bring them into this world


I know exactly what I need to do to reach my goals but taking the actual action feels impossible and I am waiting for that perfect moment to do it


I am used to whipping myself into feeling motivated and getting things done but want to learn a different way to lead 

I have a lot of success in my career so far. I have enough money. But a relationship with money? Money makes me feel fearful, guilty, shameful or envious.


I have stepped into entrepreneurship but feel afraid to fully claim your new identity and feel overwhelmed most of the time.

I feel alone in my journey and crave the support and inspiration of other likeminded women who are on a similar journey


Can you imagine 

What would happen when you…

  • Permanently exit the hamster wheel of not enough and more is better that keeps your inner peace and sufficiency juuuust around the corner no matter how many compliments, promotions or certifications you receive.
  • Build the confidence to leave your comfort-zone around the things that actually move you forward towards your goals
  • Show up as the women that has learned how to care of herself and set loving and strong boundaries.
  • Become unapologetically herself, the person she already is, but forgot along the way.
  • The women that leads from her heart and expands her presence and ideas into this world with her fierceness and strength.
  • A women who knows exactly why she was holding back and how to lovingly and gently move ahead past her fears and become more courageous
  • Stops looking outside of herself for validation and recognition from others.
  • Develop a different relationship with her finances and thinks in terms of opportunities and growth
  • Know that they have developed deep and meaningful connections with women all over the world
  • A person who normalizes being sensitive, soft and ambitious AF.


Think about it….


at the end of this journey


You have the tools that allow you to create a life and career that feels good, not only looks good 

How it works  

The program breakdown

This 4 month program is designed to teach you how to heal the symptoms that cause you to feel overwhelmed, stuck or burned out.

And empower you with the tools and strategies to create the career or business you want on your terms.

We don’t do it alone but with a community of other amazing women and support systems.

We start from the foundation of fundamentally changing how you think, your rules and habits, so that you can thrive in your career or business.

We dig deep into figuring out exactly what got you there in the first place and from there we master the practices of self-compassion and embodiment that pave the way forward towards your goals.


I'm in a better mood like because I'm able to change my perception about certain situations and what is going on and to open up and take steps out of my comfort-zone. I realise what I'm feeling and then to take the active steps which feel risky anyways is because I developed my self trust.

Ada Filine

Having just started as an entrepreneur, I was looking for guidance with taking the first steps, attracting clients, and building my business. During my sessions with Nathalie, I was surprised by and so impressed with how what felt like a casual conversation turned into these big “aha!” moments that unlocked the lessons I (didn’t know I) needed. Nathalie’s coaching feels like speaking to a trusted friend, and she has ways of digging deeper that feel so natural. Her commitment to you is so clear, and she provides you with concrete tools to continue your work. I feel confident building on what I have learned from her and continuing to grow my business

Nicole Romer, Writer, Editor Speaker

I was struggling to change my life significantly. I wanted it to be more purposeful and start to do things that would really make me proud. I had big ideas and dreams but did not know how to put them into action. Each time I started I was either overwhelmed or uncertain until I started questioning the projects repeatedly. It is how I mostly went back to rather not to plan anything anymore but live day by day hoping for surprises. I felt embarrassed not being able to succeed only by myself first because I thought my struggles are not that relevant to necessarily ask for help but isn’t it exactly what holds us back to grow and progress. Sometimes the exterior view of an experienced, good-natured and qualified coach, like Nathalie, is the best that could happen in life. Already during our first session Nathalie showed me where I got already and how much I actually managed to do in such a short time. Even if it was a short coaching time it was very effective and helpful for me. Not to imagine what a success bomb it would be to have you coaching me longterm.

Magdalena Reichl, Flight Steward and LifeCoach

npower you 

Why I created this program

This program contains all my practices and lessons I had to learn and implement since I burned out from my corporate job 2.5 years go and went on to create a life and career on my own terms.

Since then meantime I have changed, careers twice, moved continents, emerced myself in healing modalities from yoga nidra, EFT, breathwork, energy leadership coaching and mindfullness.

And after hiring my own coach I found out that this is work is what I was called to do.
Now I want to empower women to do the same with their lives and careers.

See most leadership and self development courses teach you more knowledge and frameworks.
But you are already pretty smart ;-).

You dont need to learn more but unlearn what they told you to be successful and have the courage to act in-spite of fear. 


It’s called mindset work and it either breaks you down or ALLOWS you to breakthrough the next chapter in your life.

The program draws upon the principles of positive psychology, mindfulness, Energy Leadership®, NLP,  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other science based practiced that will transform the way you lead and live.


The community of women is designed to help you do things together and not alone. 

NPOWER YOU is comprised of online videos, juicy workbooks, 1:1 personal feedback, group coaching and 24/7 community of women

I cannot wait to welcome you.  

“Massive action comes from knowing that deep down there is a power within you waiting to be activated, amplified and ready to get moving.”