Hi, Im nathalie van Haaren

I teach high achieving women like you the tools that empower you to create a life and business that feels good not only looks good on paper.


Are you ready to build your career with ease and confidence?

The hardest part for high-achieving women like us is not our lack of ambition. It is our constant overthinking, perfectionism or people pleasing that gets in the way of fully creating a life without burning ourselves out.

Because you know that there is so much more to life than your career or business but you miss the balance and strategies to bring back your daily mental peace.

So you can’t stop thinking how do I get off this hamster wheel without letting anyone down? Is there another way?

YES there is.

And you found it on this corner of the internet.

It is my passion and mission to teach as many women in my lifetime how to create a life that feels good using holistic, science- based mindset tools, habits and healing modalities that have transformed my life and business from the inside out and that of my clients too.


I’m Nathalie van Haaren

Certified Leadership Coach (CPC). Life long adventure seeker. Creative professional and Trainer. In the previous decade I was in a corporate rat-race to become the next female CIO of my company. Now I am creating my own legacy and I can’t wait to help build yours too. 


How I can help you

 1:1 Coaching “Off the Beaten Path”

If you want focussed time with me, one-on-one, to teach you life changing tools that can transform your life and business and apply your feminine leadership.

If you’ve been feeling a nervous excitement as you read this page…

If something inside is telling you to jump in and commit to doing this…

You can use the link below to book you free consultation call. 



 CREATE -A Group Coaching Experience

An intimate group coaching container for female based entrepreneurs and professionals
featuring online learning modules, group coaching, 1:1 support and a community of other female leaders.

This is for you if you thrive of learning WITH others and are ready to be supported, loved and cheered on throughout your journey.

I believe that

Coaching can help you stop self-sabotage and create the accountability you need to get unstuck

Having just started as an entrepreneur, I was looking for guidance with taking the first steps, attracting clients, and building my business. During my sessions with Nathalie, I was surprised by and so impressed with how what felt like a casual conversation turned into these big “aha!” moments that unlocked the lessons I (didn’t know I) needed. Nathalie’s coaching feels like speaking to a trusted friend, and she has ways of digging deeper that feel so natural. Her commitment to you is so clear, and she provides you with concrete tools to continue your work. I feel confident building on what I have learned from her and continuing to grow my business

Nicole Writer, Speaker, Editor

Nathalie is an exceptional human being and coach. I connected with her to explore how I could grow in my current role. As she guided me in identifying my goals, strengths, weaknesses and pitfalls, she made sure to challenge me outside my comfort zone. Her sharp mind and remarkable talent for carefully listening resulted in little epiphanous understandings after every session. After 3 months her coaching left me with a stronger sense of direction as a professional, well and beyond my current role. I would highly recommend Nathalie to any professional!

Syrta Gelhof.

Consultant Marketing and Public Relations

Let me start with that I owe this lady so much it’s hard to put into words the impact she has had and still has. Working with Nathalie has been one of the best things I could have done. She always creates a very safe space for me to bring to the table what is going on, what is challenging or what needs an outlet. Truths that I am scared about admitting and that my brain tells me to not speak out loud, becomes less scary with Nathalie. She is present and in every session she manages to guide you to an ever so small aha moment. She taught me to celebrate myself for the small things that I didn’t want to celebrate at first. She is patient, has a toolkit so big that I doubt I have yet seen half of it… haha She supports me in my visions and where I want to go. She challenges me in the exact right moments, when her intuition tells her that there is something more to the story. The biggest growth comes when it becomes uncomfortable. Speaking to Nathalie is like speaking to a trusted friend and her commitment is so candid and pure. The past 1 1/2 years have been the toughest ones in my life yet and I am grateful to have been supported by Nathalie. I have learned so much from her and will so in future. You can easily tell that this is not just a job for her, it is her passion. You will not regret working with her, believe me.


Theresa Henssen, Human Relations Practitioner.

I was looking for someone to coach me through a period of professional change to develop a more intentional and focused outlook on my work life. I was also looking for organisational advice: how could I support myself through that change practically speaking? Nathalie's coaching really was the cherry on top of my week! She would help me identify my current priorities (thought it was work, and found that it was well-being that helped me make better decisions), and the tools she provided were practical, versatile and holistic. Through Nathalie's support to act on these priorities more consistently, I learnt that changed habits change life, and often created an experience of abundance in my day-to-day.


Julis, K. Phd candidate Human Emergency Response

Why you keep on getting stuck

You know all the self-help tools but still don’t take action or see change


Most leadership and self development courses teach you more knowledge and frameworks. But you are already pretty smart ;-).

You dont need to learn more but unlearn what they told you to be successful and have the courage to act in-spite of fear.

It’s called mindset work and it either breaks you down or ALLOWS you to breakthrough the next chapter in your life. 


My style of coaching draws upon the principles of positive psychology, mindfulness, Energy Leadership®, NLP,  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other science based practices and healing tools that will transform the way you lead and live

I can’t wait to get moving. 


Let’s go.

Have questions?
Come hang out with me on insta or email me at nathalie@npower.eu