Create the life you’re after

But before we get to that, does this story feel familiar?

You crave a sense of ease, presence, and contentment in all aspects of your life

You want to do what you love and love what you do – without burning out.

You want to find your sense of purpose within yourself rather than seeking it externally.

Leverage your strengths and start making what you deserve.

You want to find your sense of purpose within yourself rather than seeking it externally.

Leverage your strengths and start making what you deserve.

You know the life you’re after is out there – all you need are a few things to click

You’ve tried every idea in the book

You’ve meditated and taken every online masterclass you could. You’ve made all the changes you possibly could on your own. And you know there’s someone out there who can inspire you.

But you’re done trying to go at it alone

You know hope can only take you so far. That there’s more out there available to you. And that asking for help is more than okay. In fact, it’s courageous.

What if I told you there was a way to get the energy, clarity, and direction you’re after?

A way to untangle these knots? A methodology that: Takes you beyond the surface to unearth deeper issues and emotions holding you back. Gives you real, tangible frameworks you can use to move through blockages. Connects you to a global network of powerful, creative women.

That practice is called Npower You.

Here’s how it works

01. You choose how you want to participate

From 1:1 coaching and group sessions to smaller one-off workshops – you decide what works for you, your schedule, and your financial means.

02. We identify where you are

And from there, we take you where you want to go. We’ll kick some limiting beliefs and blockages to the curb while you learn more about your body and mind – making sure you never end up in a burn out (again).

03. Combine theory and embodiment

Through a series of holistic practices, you’ll get self-leadership tools that you can actually apply to your life and career so you can see change happen within and its ripple effect on the outside.

Here’s what it can look like


Flexible pricing

I’ll be first to admit: private coaching isn’t in everyone’s reach or budget. That’s why you can select from different containers that suit your needs so you can embrace your growth.


Tailored strategy

Every woman walks a different path. Our work will be tailored to yours. And I’ll keep my eyes and ears open to your perspective, new surprises, and input along the way.


A clear direction

My goal is to help you reach your goals and dream even bigger – by helping you reclaim the tools we’ve left behind as women so that you can become the woman you want to be. 

The perks that you’ll enjoy

Financial safety and security

At long last, no more sleepless nights at the end of the month. Leverage your strengths and start making what you deserve.

Harmony in every area of life

Enjoy a sense of ease, presence, and contentment in all aspects of your life – whether that’s your life at work, at home, or in your community. 

A sense of meaning and purpose

Do what you love and love what you do – without burning out. Feel like you’ve got this, rather than just keeping your head above water.

Clarity and direction

Get a grip on where you’re supposed to be in the long run while tapping into ancient wisdom and tools – so you never have to look outside for your sense of purpose again.

Why not hear it from the women I’ve worked with?

  • Emily C.

    Co-founder of Shamri Health

    When I met Nathalie, I was struggling professionally and personally. I felt like I had more potential but just didn’t have the tools or resources to reach it. Having someone there who could help me reflect and make progress towards where I want to be changed everything. Nathalie continuously challenged and asked questions in a compassionate and productive way. I’d highly recommend this for anyone who wants to feel more at peace and at home in their lives, careers, everything.

  • Emilie B.

    Founder Top-up Mama

    I approached Nathalie because starting my own business was making me feel very insecure. Now I’m way more in tune with my feelings and why I’m making certain decisions. I can see when I get in my own way of being happy for myself.  Since working with Nathalie, something has clicked in terms of believing in myself and recognizing my (leadership) value as a co-founder of my start-up. I’m aware and proud of my strengths, not to mention what I have contributed in terms of building a team and growing the company.

  • Ada Filine

    Msc Cognitive Neuroscience Student

    I was feeling stuck in my life. There was a disconnect between what I was thinking and wanted to do – which held me back. I developed a lot of mechanisms that didn’t help, including fear of failure. After trying to do everything on my own, including therapy, I finally decided to invest in myself in a different way. Thanks to Nathalie, I was able to take active steps and cross the cliff between my thinking versus actually doing the things I wanted to do while building new habits. I’m a better version of myself and I’m making a positive impact on the people and world around me.

  • Emma O. headshot

    Emma O.

    Data Scientist

    I came to Nathalie looking for a path to heal from burnout. Working with Nathalie I made more progress in a few months than I had in a few years of traditional talk therapy. Nathalie helped me learn how to process and release my stuck emotions in a healthy way. She also enabled me to listen to my inner voice and intuition. As someone who tends toward self-doubt, this was game-changing for me. After working with Nathalie, I have much more clarity on who I am and where I want to go with my life.

Take the leap and step into your boldest self