Self (feminine) leadership is so much more than leading others.

It requires you to trust and lead yourself FIRST.


Your success requires more than just strategy and your logical mind- success come from a deep internal transformation and relationship with yourself and embodying who you want to become.

Here’s what my past Leadership and Career Coaching clients had to say about our coaching time together.

I approached Nathalie because… 

I first worked with Nathalie through a group program.

At the time, I was starting a company and experiencing a lot of doubt and imposter syndrome, as well as uncertainty around whether I was taking the right steps and really writing the professional and personal chapter that I wanted at that point in my early career and life.

I found the 1:1 sessions particularly helpful, and then started working with Nathalie on a 1:1 basis through a full coaching package to get deeper into my self-leadership and understanding journey.

I find myself thinking of specific exercises we’ve done regularly in my daily life. Sometimes I find them uncomfortable/difficult to answer or accept in the moment, but the questions and conversations and emotional experiences within our sessions really stick with me and help me process challenges, thoughts, etc. well beyond the sessions too.

Nathalie creates a really safe and caring space to address deep and uncomfortable challenges as well as opportunities to envision and create what I want out of life.

She has empowered me to reflect this same caring and nonjudgmental lens to myself, and prompt myself with the same questions and approaches in my daily life.

The biggest thing for me has been gaining trust in myself – to approach uncertainties and professional challenges in particular with more calm and confidence, to experience my emotions without a layer of self-judgment, and to trust what my body and intuition tells me.



Emily Corrigan – Chief of Staff South African Tech Company, Nairobi-Capetown

She taught me to celebrate myself for the small things that I didn’t want to celebrate at first. She is patient, has a toolkit so big that I doubt I have yet seen half of it… 


Theresa Henssen

Human Resources Practitioner, Germany


Let me start with that I owe this lady so much its hard to put into words the impact she has had and still had. Working with Nathalie was one of the best things i could have done.

She always creates a very safe space for me to bring to the table what is going on, what is challenging or what needs an outlet.

Truths that I am scared about admitting and that my brain tells me to not speak out loud, becomes less scary with Nathalie. She is present and in every session she manages to guide you to an ever so small aha moment.

She supports me in my visions and where I want to go. She challenges me in the exact right moments, when her intuition tells her that there is something more to the story. The biggest growth comes when it becomes uncomfortable.

Speaking to Nathalie is like speaking to a trusted friend and her commitment is so candid and pure. The past 1 1/2 years have been the toughest ones in my life yet and I am grateful to have been supported by Nathalie. I have learned so much from her and will so in future.

You can easily tell that this is not just a job for her, it is her passion. You will not regret working with her, believe me.

Nathalie is a breath of fresh air, opening your eyes and mind for new ways to view yourself, your journey and your strengths.  

Working with Nathalie has been an amazing journey that, each session, gave me new and revealing insights about myself.

The sessions gave me tools, vision and clear actions to follow my own journey and better describe and envision my career. It was very empowering to talk to someone who will hold up a mirror but also make you see and take the next steps.  

After our time together I can say I set clear goals and vision for the long term and have tools that help me be the best version of myself in my career and everyday life. 

Suzanne Stal
Business Director at Billion Dollar boy, UK 


Nathalie is an exceptional human being and coach.

I connected with her to explore how I could grow in my current role. As she guided me in identifying my goals, strengths, weaknesses and pitfalls, she made sure to challenge me outside my comfort zone.

Her sharp mind and remarkable talent for carefully listening resulted in little epiphanous understandings after every session.

After 3 months her coaching left me with a stronger sense of direction as a professional, well and beyond my current role.

I would highly recommend Nathalie to any professional!


Syrta G.

Marketing and PR Lead Art Publicity, The Netherlands

Nathalie’s coaching really was the cherry on top of my week!

What I learnt in my sessions with Nathalie was that well-being is at the heart of it all – the centrepiece of everything I do; I noticed and increase in positive thinking, developed affirmations that encouraged and specifically worked for me; which thoughts move me into action, and how intentionality overall helps me set the tone for what I do.

She would help me identify my current priorities (thought it was work, and found that it was well-being that helped me make better decisions), and the tools she provided were practical, versatile and holistic. Through Nathalie’s support to act on these priorities more consistently, I learnt that changed habits change life, and often created an experience of abundance in my day-to-day.

Julis K.

Humanitarian Emergency Response Preparedness, Innovation and Predictive Technologies (Phd Candidate), France

Having just started as an entrepreneur, I was looking for guidance with taking the first steps, attracting clients, and building my business. During my sessions with Nathalie, I was surprised by and so impressed with how what felt like a casual conversation turned into these big “aha!” moments that unlocked the lessons I (didn’t know I) needed.

Nathalie’s coaching feels like speaking to a trusted friend, and she has ways of digging deeper that feel so natural.

Her commitment to you is so clear, and she provides you with concrete tools to continue your work. I feel confident building on what I have learned from her and continuing to grow my business.

Nicole R.

Global Diverisity & Inclusion Board member Soho House/ Writer/Speaker, The Netherlands


I approached Nathalie because I found that starting my own business was making me feel very insecure about my abilities.

Before working with a coach, I constantly doubted myself because so many things don’t run perfectly in a startup context, and felt like I had to defend myself anytime someone had a different viewpoint. I also felt guilty for wanting to set boundaries around my work-life balance.

Working with Nathalie is amazing! I really like the combination of very practical work, exploring what deeper feelings and beliefs behind something are, recognizing patterns, and generally becoming more aware about myself. I feel like Nathalie has a good sense of what approach works for the person, and at what time.

I am much more in tune with what I’m feeling and why I’m making certain decisions, and I can see when my need for validation is getting in the way of being happy for myself.

Something has just clicked in terms of believing in myself and recognizing my (leadership) value as a co-founder of my start-up. I am aware & proud of my strengths and what I have contributed in terms of building a team and growing the company. I have learnt to deal with insecurities/weaknesses in a way that is much more true to myself rather than constantly being defensive.

The decision to exit my start-up has come from a place of strength and feeling of self-worth, and Nathalie has played an important part in achieving this.

Emilie B.

Start-up founder and COO.

I came to our sessions with various challenges and topics, from understanding my values and uncovering my inner blocks to exploring my career in coaching.

Working with Nathalie was transformational, she is intuitive, creative and her ability to be creative and think out of the box in terms of navigating each sessions is so powerful. She is not afraid to challenge and stretch you to reach the goals you set for yourself.

She holds the space for you to find your own way but also pushes you when her intuition tells her your holding back. I am proud of the work I put in after each session to deepen my own awareness on the challenges I brought to the sessions.

Chrisna L.

VP International Humand Resource Manager W.P. Carey

Working with Nathalie  gave me the insight that I know the answers, but am insecure to make the choice; like quitting my job.

It gave me the insight that i was really relieved when I have made that choice for myself.  I really enjoyed the coaching sessions with Nathalie. She is calm, patient and a good listener. Nathalie make sure we come to the point, without rushing.

The visualisation sessions with here are really meaningful and gave me good insights. It’s now on me to make the major change in my life and with the help of Nathalie I’m confident that I will make it.

Samantha W.

Marketing and Communications Specialist | Founder Merkelijk

Nathalie’s coaching was a very positive and empowering experience,

I gained insight into my own thinking and how I can enable myself to follow through with my plans, but it also has a sort of spiritual, mindful aspect to it where I could tune into my bodily experience and how I feel about my business physically.

I find this aspect of the session a very positive experience, as it moves away from ‘only talking’ about what is going on and dives into a deeper level of my relationship with myself.

I had a few aha moments during and after the session, which are really powerful to me. I felt supported and well-guided by Nathalie, and I feel that my confidence in myself and in my business has grown already.

Hanna Szabo

Founder Study Compass & Phd Candidate University of Berlin

I was struggling to change my life significantly. I wanted it to be more purposeful and start to do things that would really make me proud. I had big ideas and dreams but did not know how to put them into action. Each time I started I was either overwhelmed or uncertain until I started questioning the projects repeatedly. It is how I mostly went back to rather not to plan anything anymore but live day by day hoping for surprises.

I felt embarrassed not being able to succeed only by myself first because I thought my struggles are not that relevant to necessarily ask for help but isn’t it exactly what holds us back to grow and progress.

Sometimes the exterior view of an experienced, good-natured and qualified coach, like Nathalie, is the best that could happen in life.

Already during our first session Nathalie showed me where I got already and how much I actually managed to do in such a short time. Even if it was a short coaching time it was very effective and helpful for me. Not to imagine what a success bomb it would be to have you coaching me longterm.

Magdalena Reichl

Stewardess and creator of the Happy Place

Hey, I’m Nathalie…


I know what it’s like to be full of ambition and create a life and career that doesnt only look good but feels good. Because if we feel stuck in the rut while doing it – is it really worth it?

In the early years of my career I helped multi-million dollar companies and startups build sustainable IT systems and Change Management programs while working often as the only young female in mainly male dominated industries.

I changed careers working as an independent consultant and now serve as a leadership coach for women thereby creating a life and lifestyle that matches my international character.

I am living currently in Dakar, Senegal.

I believe that our (feminine) leadership can take many forms, but it starts with us and going within first.

Let me help you on this journey- to stretch your mind, heart and spirit, so that you can create the things that allow you to experience life fully.