Retreat with me

Relax, Recharge, and Redirect your Life

An intimate, boutique retreat experience to NPOWER yourself to your next level.

Malaga, Spain
21st to 26th June

Your next ME-TIME adventure is here

Do you ever feel like you need to reset your life sometimes?

So you can breathe and think about what do I want?

I know your days are full of obligations, to do list and appointments.

You have a lot of requests from others and often the things you really want are not prioritized

Secretly the thought of a retreat just for you sounds AH-mazing and has always been on your wish list

But you also think do I really need this? Am I worth it?

So you tell yourself NAH maybe…

I’ll take some time out next week and think about what I want

But before you know it, a week has passed then a month, then a year

Deep inside you know that things can be different

Its not a matter of HOW but WHEN.

What if that time is now?

And the best part is you doing this alone!

Instead you use the momentum that is build inside this program to release yourself from any fears and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck

To hold your life and who you are through a different lens

Far away from the hustle of every day life you submerge yourself in an oasis of quiet & peace,

of adventure & connection

To breathe life back into your mission and purpose and welcome the feeling of liberation that comes with being a well-rested woman owning her power.

This retreat is for you if


I want to Re- charge

You want some downtime just for you. Feel calm and relaxed giving your nervous system a break from all your hard work you have put in these past months.


I wan to Re-design

You want to get clear on your life vision/career/business goals.

Are you currently standing at crossroads? Navigating a difficult decision?

This is the perfect place to find the answers within yourself with my guidance


I want to Re-connect

In order to bring your vision out into the world you need to know yourself inside out. This retreat will connect you to parts of yourself that have been long hidden. To shed layers of old conditioning and drop the mask as you activate your personal power from within.

To breathe life back into your mission and purpose and welcome the feeling of liberation that comes with being a woman owning her power.

All that you receive

5 nights and 6 days away from home, in a private villa with luscious gardens, infinity pool and hot tub

3 Workshops: Designed to connect you to your purpose, vision & goals
Coaching: 1 x 1:1 coaching session with me to dive deeper into your needs or blockages
Body Love: Personal 60 min massage, yoga lessons and adventure hikes.
Feminine Ceremonies: of connection and modern rituals in group setting
Breathwork: release any stress and tension & start accessing higher levels of consciousness
Culinary delights: Savour delightful food meticulously prepared by our private Chef Cees.

Room Allocation

01 Twin Room

2 twin bedrooms with shared bathroom & private terrace or balcony
Early Bird €2111

Double Twin Suite

1 quadruple room with private bathroom & private terrace
Early Bird €1990

Royale Suite

1 private apartment with double bed, kitchen, bathroom & rooftop terrace



I’ve only been to a yoga retreat, is this the same?

Yoga retreats are great! Even though there will be gentle yoga classes in the morning this is only a small portion of the program. 

Is this a standard program?

No, everyone I work with comes to me with a unique set of skills, strengths, and challenges. That’s why every program is tailored to address your specific needs and it is taken into account during the design of the curriculum and workshops.

How much do I need to invest?

Choose your room preference. Based on this the following is included

This includes:

  • 5 nights in Villa Kookaburra, Malaga, 21-26th of June
  • Daily fresh juices, breakfast, dinner and snacks (vegan optional) prepared by our private chef
  • 3 breath-work journeys & rebirth cacao ritual
  • 1:1 coaching session
  • A waterfall hike
  • Yoga Lessons
  • Transfer from airport to the retreat centre
  • A massage upon arrival (or planned when you want)
  • Group coaching and integration session after retreat
Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, I offer options to pay in two or three instalments

I’m nervous to share my struggles. How do I know this is a safe space?

I can assure you that I take an open-minded approach to your growth. And that the women who join are selected based on having shared values and interests. That being said we will navigate your unique challenges which is why there is an intake. I’m committed to creating safety throughout the process and with the group, I’m also trauma-informed and trained.

I have never done breathwork, what can I expect?

Dont worry, Ive got you. And what an honour to share the power of breath with you. The type of breathwork I teach is called conscious connected breathwork. This a nose-inhale mouth-exhale cycle which specifically activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), allowing the body to enter states of deep recalibration, unwinding and rejuvenation. My sessions are designed using, reiki and aromatheraphy, powerful music, energy work and deep integration through sharing circles and breakthrough coaching. See testimonials for experiences from participants

Why not hear it from the women I’ve worked with?

  • Mimi jain

    Community & Events

    I started working with Nathalie when I was going back to the workforce after being self-employed. She helped me to navigate my thoughts and emotions while bringing my self-awareness to a new level. Nathalie also helped me to find my power in calling in the things that I wanted: a new career, new home, and a new outlook on family relationships. If you’re feeling unclear on your next move and want to figure out your path faster, do yourself a favor and contact Nathalie.

  • Suzanne Stal

    Suzanne Stal

    Business Director at Billion Dollar Boy

    Working with Nathalie has been an amazing journey that, each session, gave me new and revealing insights about myself. The sessions gave me tools, vision, and clear actions to follow my own journey and better describe and envision my career. It was very empowering to talk to someone who will hold up a mirror but also make you see and take the next steps. After our time together I can say I set clear goals, vision for the long term, and have tools that help me be the best version of myself in my career and everyday life.

  • Emma O. headshot

    Emma D.

    Director UN.

    My breath work journey was a very intense, and almost overwhelming experience, but Nathalie was the best guide I could have imagined during this session. She gave me a feeling of safety when I felt quite scared, and guided me very well in the breathing technique and in keeping focus. So not only did she provide me with this incredibly enriching, wonderful, intense, spiritual and mind-opening experience, thanks to her I also experienced this in the best way possible. Importantly, she also took plenty of time after the session to let me “ground” again, giving me the space to discuss what happened – very openly and patiently. All in all, I’m very grateful for this breathwork experience and cannot be anything else than positive about Nathalie.

Breathwork Experiences

“Before planning the session I was somewhat apprehensive about venturing into this new experience, but Nathalie’s calm ways were reassuring and helped me take the leap. The session itself was a wonderful experience – just after I compared it to kitesurfing on a calm sea, just smoothly cruising by myself. Now although it is comparable in nature, the session was way more intense and gave me a much better clarity of mind. Nathalie provided support along the way, for example when I was a bit cramped up, and the care after was wonderful.”

Olivia B.

“It was my first experience with breathwork and I didn’t really know what to expect but I was very curious. Nathalie made sure I had all the information I needed beforehand so l could come well prepared. She explained everything I needed to know for during the session and created a very safe space to actually let go of anything, even within a group of people I didn’t know in advance. Everyone had their own experience and she made sure this journey was facilitated in a way that suited each person individually. It was such a special experience and Nathalie was an amazing host!

Private Coaching Client.

“I experienced my first breathwork session as a very positive experience. My mind+body were challenged in a way I have not experienced before. It left me feeling calm and energized at the same time. The atmosphere created by Nathalie was one of trust and warmth, I loved the final touch with the essential oils. I am convinced there is more to gain and more to explore from follow up sessions so I cannot wait for my next breathwork journey.

Merel K.

Private retreat experience

Some women choose to book a private retreat with me. This is a holistic customised experienced to your needs and goals.

Listen here to her story.

Im ready to re treat within


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